Employment Opportunities

The most frequent feedback I hear from prospective students is how welcome Trinity students and teachers make them feel when they come to visit classes. It is the number one reason my wife and I decided to move across country to work at TCS.
-Michael Dewey, Assistant Headmaster for Academics


TCS is accepting resumes for all positions K -12 for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Masters degrees and teaching experience preferred.

TCS strongly encourages individuals who fit the following roles to apply:

Lower School:

Long-Term Substitute (Grade 5) - Beginning in December 2019

Learning Center Positions:

  • NILD Educational Therapist (Level 1, 2, 3)
  • Search and Teach Therapist

Upper School

Calculus Teacher

How to apply:


Trinity's Athletic Department is currently accepting resumes for the positions listed below. Please email your resume/CV and cover letter to cking@tcsfairfax.org.

Fall Season
Assistant JV Boys Soccer Coach
Assistant Middle Level Boys Soccer Coach
Winter Season
Middle Level Girls Basketball Head Coach
Varsity Girls Cheer Head Coach

Spring Season
Varsity Girls Lacrosse Head Coach

I was really grateful for the care that the leaders showed for their faculty. I’m not a preacher’s kid, but I did grow up as a teacher’s kid. We were at a very small, church-based school, and I never witnessed my mom cared for or celebrated, and when I tell other teachers of what our leaders did at the breakfast, their eyes get very big. But it isn’t the first time that I have noticed servant leadership. I saw it when I started here last year when a staff member made/coordinated meals. I see it whenever our principal steps in for her teachers to give them a breather. I see it when those in leadership drive the bus. It’s constant here and really amazing.

I’m also really thankful for the spiritual leadership here. I’m beginning to lose count over the times I walk in weary, but either a Psalm in the morning or a prayer reminding me that we serve a constantly loving and forever unchanging God will lift my eyes to the One Who gives help in time of need. Thank you for consistently reminding your staff and students of the Gospel. We never outgrow our need to hear it, and I’m grateful that you all continue to give it.

Jill Hamilton, Trinity Teacher and Parent