Head of School Welcome

The 2023 - 2024 school year marks Head of School Dr. Matt Thomas' first year at Trinity Christian School. Dr. Thomas succeeds Dr. David Vanderpoel, who led Trinity for 18 years.

Welcome! Thank you for exploring Trinity Christian School!

I am Dr. Matt Thomas, Trinity's Head of School. As such, my ultimate aim is to bring God glory by continuing to build on the rich foundation that has already been laid at Trinity and exploring new ways to further his glory through the flourishing of each student, faculty and staff member, and family who calls Trinity home. 

Since its founding in 1987, Trinity has sought to educate students to the glory of God by pursuing excellence for mind and heart. This involves imparting truth, instilling courage, and inspiring service. We believe that knowledge of truth encourages cohesive thinking and shapes godly character by establishing a consistent Christian worldview that is anchored in the creative, sustaining, and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. We aim to produce students who will be salt and light in their various vocations by living lives that challenge the prevailing culture and bring glory to God. 

At the forefront of this endeavor is a capable, committed, and Christian faculty, who encourage our students to think critically across all subjects in light of biblical truth. Our teachers strive to help each student be a good and faithful servant of God by thinking God’s thoughts after him and by rightly interpreting and developing God’s creation for his glory according to his Word. As a discipleship-model school, Trinity considers the support of parents who consistently teach biblical knowledge in the home an indispensable part of its educational effort. In this way, Trinity Christian School partners with Christian families in the common goal of educating their children from a distinctly Christian worldview. 

By God’s grace, Trinity enjoys a strong history and looks forward to a promising future. We invite you to learn more about us via our website or to arrange for a campus visit through our Admission Office.

Grace and Peace,

Matt Thomas, Ed.D.
Head of School, CEO


Get to Know Dr. Thomas

We sit down with Trinity’s new Head of School, Dr. Matt Thomas as he answers our most pressing questions about his new leadership position and vision for Trinity. We also ask him some fun, get-to-know-you questions! 



More about Dr. Thomas


Prior to coming to Trinity Christian School, Dr. Thomas served as the Executive Director of the Center for School Leadership at Baylor University. In his role, he oversaw the operations of the Center, led development, strategy, planning, and the coordination of programs serving more than 900 schools. Dr. Thomas has served in education for more than 25 years. Serving in Christian schools, Christian higher education, seminaries, the Christian non-profit sector, and pastoral ministry, Dr. Thomas has devoted his career to serving and strengthening Christian educational institutions for the flourishing of students, faculty, and staff. 

Dr. Thomas grounds his leadership in a desire to catalyze leadership effectiveness in those helping Christian institutions best fulfill their missions. His interests include mentoring as a means to develop leadership within organizations, organizational culture and health, board competency, and spiritual formation. Ultimately, Dr. Thomas seeks to assist Christian leaders in understanding their identity in Christ and how identity-focused leadership empowers one to effectively engage the seismic shifts facing Christian institutions. 

Dr. Thomas has been married to Beth for 29 years and has three daughters, Emma (Grade 12), Elli (Grade 9), and Abby (Grade 5).