Announcing our Next Head of School


On November 11, 2022, Trinity Christian School's Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Dr. Matt Thomas as Trinity's next Head of School starting August 1, 2023. He will succeed Dr. David Vanderpoel, who has led Trinity since 2005.



A Message from the Board of Trustees

Dr. Thomas' heart for the Lord, for his family, for people--young and old; his vast professional experience, breadth of knowledge, strength of mind; his passion for Christian education, and lighthearted, engaging manner all drew us to him.

Shannon Allen, Chair, Board of Trustees


A Letter from Dr. Matt Thomas

Dear Trinity Family,

The privilege and honor of being your next Head of School humbles me greatly. Each day, I awaken with an awareness of God’s goodness and kindness in providing this calling on my life and to my family. The Lord has faithfully brought the words of the Psalmist to my mind,

"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places…my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices." Psalm 16:6, 9

This psalm has been instructive for me throughout this process, not only because I am delighting in those pleasant places but because I have been introduced to situations and outcomes where I must entrust myself and my family’s future to the Lord and his care. Because of God’s faithfulness and encouragement, I look back over the last several months with joy and gratitude.

During my tenure at Baylor University, I came to appreciate Trinity and its positive reputation as a healthy and vibrant Christian school. Since then, I have visited campus, met faculty and administrators, spent time with staff and parents, and now know the reputation is well-deserved because I have experienced the love, grace, and warmth of a Christian community pursuing excellence for mind and heart.

I am deeply grateful that Trinity has enjoyed 35 years of God’s favor and blessing. My ultimate aim is to bring God glory by continuing to build on the rich foundation that has already been laid and exploring new ways to further his glory through the flourishing of each student, faculty and staff member, and family who call Trinity home. 

My wife, Beth, and I are eager to begin this new season of ministry. Our daughters, Emma (16), Elli (14), and Abby (10) are also thrilled at the prospect of entering a new school and building new friendships.

As I close this letter, I want to thank Mrs. Shannon Allen for her leadership throughout this process. Additionally, I would like to thank the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees for the excellence and professionalism they modeled. And, finally, thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Vanderpoel, for the hospitality and warmth you extended to Beth and me during our visit.

Please know that Trinity is being lifted in prayer daily by the Thomas family. We can’t wait to be home.

Grace and Peace,

Matt Thomas, Ed.D.


In Dr. Thomas’ first interview with the Search Committee, he was asked, “How would you want Trinity parents, teachers and students to fill in the following blanks?  ‘Trinity parents love me because ______.  Trinity teachers love me because ______.  Trinity students love me because ______.’”  Without hesitation, Dr. Thomas replied, “Trinity parents love me because I partner with them.  Trinity teachers love me because I advocate for them.  Trinity students love me because I love them, and they know it.”

-Head of School Search Committee Member


More about Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas currently serves as the Executive Director of the Center for School Leadership at Baylor University. In his role, he oversees the operations of the Center, leads development, strategy, planning, and the coordination of programs serving more than 900 schools. Dr. Thomas has served in education for more than 25 years. Serving in Christian schools, Christian higher education, seminaries, the Christian non-profit sector, and pastoral ministry, Dr. Thomas has devoted his career to serving and strengthening Christian educational institutions for the flourishing of students, faculty, and staff. 

Dr. Thomas grounds his leadership in a desire to catalyze leadership effectiveness in those helping Christian institutions best fulfill their missions. His interests include mentoring as a means to develop leadership within organizations, organizational culture and health, board competency, and spiritual formation. Ultimately, Dr. Thomas seeks to assist Christian leaders in understanding their identity in Christ and how identity-focused leadership empowers one to effectively engage the seismic shifts facing Christian institutions. 

Dr. Thomas has been married to Beth for 28 years and has three daughters, Emma (16), Elli (14), and Abby (10). 


Get to Know Dr. Thomas


When the Board was interviewing Dr. Thomas, and he’d get asked a particularly difficult question, he’d stop, look at the person, and say, “Thank you, [name], for asking me that.”  It was completely sincere; he genuinely appreciated the hard questions.  He knew they were an indication of the Board’s commitment to Trinity and its mission – a commitment that I fully believe Dr. Thomas shares.

-Trinity Trustee

In Gratitude

We are grateful to the Search Committee for giving so much of their time, heart, and self to this process. The Lord used their faithfulness and trust in him to help carry us to where are now, and we are deeply appreciative of their partnership and sacrifice.  

Trinity community, thank you for your prayers, support, patience, and encouragement over these months.

Looking Ahead

We look forward to what God will do both in and through Trinity for generations to come. He is faithful and worthy of all honor and praise. To him be the glory now and forevermore.