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How to Protect Ourselves and Our Families Online (Pt. 3): Protection from Programs

...the vast majority of intrusions will be attempted by automated processes, set up to repeatedly bombard recipients with alerts and emails until that fateful day our common sense fails, and we give away our personal information. This can occur in several ways, and it will be my goal today to share with you the most common occurrences and tools at your disposal to protect against them.

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Legalism: A Quick Heart Check

We vaguely remember that the Pharisees in the Bible were legalists, and we know that it’s definitely bad. In fact, many of us are eager to prove that, yes, we’re Christians but we’re not those kinds of Christians. But do we know what legalism truly is? If not, how can we know we aren’t just like the Pharisees?

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Planting Seeds

The parable of the sower found in the books of Matthew and Mark talks about what can happen to the seeds of faith that we plant in others’ lives. What it doesn’t say is how long it may take for the seeds to grow or if we will ever see the garden that is produced. Nevertheless, our role is to keep planting the seeds.

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A Common Misconception: Addressing Affordability at Trinity

Instilling spiritual wisdom alongside conventional wisdom is no longer optional for our childrenit is necessary. Because providing such an education requires the best resources for our students and competitive salaries for our amazing faculty and staff, it can also mean that some families believe they are unable to afford tuition and assume that Trinity is not an option for them.

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Remembering 9/11

On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Trinity community mourns the loss of loved ones and the heroes who gave their lives to protect and serve their country. We also remember with solemn gratitude the servicemen and women who bravely responded to the attacks on our nation.

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A Heart for Missions

“Trinity is a discipleship school, so it’s about preparing and equipping students to do God’s work,” she said. “I always intentionally say I’m serving as the math specialist. I don’t see my work at Trinity as a job, and when it stops being missional then I have to recheck and recalibrate. I am preparing these students for a life of service; that’s how I see it.”

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COVID-19: Looking Back One Year Later

The past year has been a lesson in resilience, which is developed uniquely under challenging circumstances. Without adversity, there’s no tenacity. Without being knocked down, there’s no getting back up. It’s only in less-than-ideal circumstances that we can overcome. Resilience not only enables us to survive and even thrive despite our circumstances, it also comes with spiritual blessings and growth.

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Not a Walk in the Park: What I Learned as a Young Life Leader about Being a Teen Today

I’ve been volunteering as a Young Life leader in my community for the past four years and subsequently spend a good portion of my time with teenagers. Recently, in an effort to gather some data surrounding parent-teen relationships, I asked a handful of my Young Life high schoolers what they wish their parents understood better.

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Online Safety and Wisdom: 5 Practices to Resist Self-Glorification on Social Media

Christians are called to be in the world but not of it. Because social media can be used as a means for sin all around us, we ought to take seriously the temptation it causes and rely on Christ’s help to resist that temptation, whether by getting rid of it entirely, or employing wise strategies to avoid stumbling. 

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Picture of clock without hands

Uncertain Times is a phrase thrown about freely in the spring of 2020, and an Internet search confirms that nearly everyone has something to say about it.

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Distance Muffles Agony

Geographical and relational distance alike muffle agony. When my neighbor’s father died, we sent a card. When my husband’s father died, we mourned, planned, traveled, remembered, prayed, moved quickly or in slow motion or not at all. The neighbor’s father was no less a father, but he wasn’t our father.

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Some Good News

We are reminded of God’s abundant provision for us here on earth...when we look outside at spring in bloom and hear of God’s good gifts to his people. Let’s rejoice together at news of college acceptances, engagements, and a baby on the way.

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Study Abroad Before College?

When our Trinity freshman started teaching himself the Korean alphabet, we thought it was a phase. When he took a beginning Korean class through Fairfax County’s adult education program during the summer after his sophomore year, we were bemused. When he applied for a National Security Language Initiative for Youth scholarship to study in South Korea the summer after his junior year, we were scared!

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Space and Grace: Welcoming Sojourners

Approximately a dozen students at TCS have returned home to the United States after living for an extended time in Germany, Ecuador, Jordan, France, and other places. While they were gone, we switched to laptops in school, bought iPhones for children, began communicating more and more via texts and Snapchat, used Uber instead of a taxi, and experienced highway tolls set by traffic volume that could be $55 to travel a few miles.

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Back to School: Focus and Reset

Let's face it, in today's fast-paced and productivity-driven culture, making your health a priority can seem impossible. Creating space to engage in healthful habits can even be perceived as selfish. How can you possibly make time for family dinner, physical activity, and adequate sleep when you have so many pressing obligations. The struggle is real!

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The Northern Virginia area is close to the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland, both jurisdictions that have relaxed their laws concerning marijuana. Police in the NOVA/DC/MD area are seeing an increase in drug-related crime. As parents, we need to be more aware than ever that this drug culture is pervasive and right under our noses.

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From Homeschool to Private School

Parents are expected to do it all for our school-aged children; at least that’s what we are told by others and sometimes ourselves! Doing it all creates a huge amount of pressure. I am one of those who put that pressure on herself only to discover that no matter how hard I tried in my own strength, I could never be the “64-pack of crayons” for my kids.

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Value Over Cost

Trinity is bursting at the seams with a staff that, of course, is ready to teach at a high level, but also is given an environment where they can nurture, connect, and see value in each student. That is the best value, one that makes our “cost” seem worth every bit of adjustment and planning.

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The Three-Legged School

To provide the strongest foundation to our students, we desire that what is said and done at home is in alignment with the church and with the school. All three “legs” play a part in the spiritual nourishment of the child, but none of the legs can do the work without the others.

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