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The Northern Virginia area is close to the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland, both jurisdictions that have relaxed their laws concerning marijuana. Police in the NOVA/DC/MD area are seeing an increase in drug-related crime. As parents, we need to be more aware than ever that this drug culture is pervasive and right under our noses.

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From Homeschool to Private School

Parents are expected to do it all for our school-aged children; at least that’s what we are told by others and sometimes ourselves! Doing it all creates a huge amount of pressure. I am one of those who put that pressure on herself only to discover that no matter how hard I tried in my own strength, I could never be the “64-pack of crayons” for my kids.

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Value Over Cost

Trinity is bursting at the seams with a staff that, of course, is ready to teach at a high level, but also is given an environment where they can nurture, connect, and see value in each student. That is the best value, one that makes our “cost” seem worth every bit of adjustment and planning.

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The Three-Legged School

To provide the strongest foundation to our students, we desire that what is said and done at home is in alignment with the church and with the school. All three “legs” play a part in the spiritual nourishment of the child, but none of the legs can do the work without the others.

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