Fairfax County Parkway or Almost Home?

A school hallway is a great location to catch all kinds of sound bites! Here are two that relate to Trinity's requirement that all seventh and eighth grade students take speech and logic.

Seventh Grade Student: "Arrghh, and I have this dumb class on logic – like anybody will ever use that!"

Parent: "Since reason has been replaced by feeling and perception, is there any point teaching our children logic and debate?

It's likely that you have seen some version of the interview in which random college students are asked if it is acceptable for a person to identify as something he is not; what if a 5'2" female Caucasian wants to identify as a 6'4" male Asian? Today, it is not difficult to find those who believe this is indeed acceptable. While outrage at these interviews is easy, usually, it is not persuasive. Persuasion may stand a better chance when connections are made to other parts of life . It is important to help make such connections and encourage right thinking because when truth is what I want it to be, society will be dysfunctional. If it is fine for me to identify reality however I wish, what will limit me from applying my own "identification" not merely to self but to all things? I never liked Route 66, it's just one digit away from an unappealing number, and I will identify that highway as Route 77. And Fairfax County Parkway...? Well, that's entirely too much of a mouthful so I will identify that as A.H. (Almost Home.) So, if you have just moved to Aldie and you're coming to dinner at our house, I might tell you to leave Allive (so much more pleasant than Aldie!), hop on Route 77 and get off at the exit for A.H. at which point you're almost there, or are you?

Do we need to teach logic? Yes! Should we still teach our children to debate? Yes! Those who reason well, winsomely, and persuasively will be of great service to society. The sum of your word is truth, the Psalmist writes, may it be the sum of our words as well.


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Imported from across the Atlantic, where she learned to love languages, old cities, and a great cup of coffee, Margot has served at Trinity Christian School since 2003. Her awe of God and the work He is doing at TCS increases with each passing year.

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