From Homeschool to Private Christian School: The “64-Pack of Crayons”

Parents are expected to do it all for our school-aged children; at least that’s what we are told by others and sometimes ourselves! Doing it all creates a huge amount of pressure. I am one of those who put that pressure on herself only to discover that no matter how hard I tried in my own strength, I could never be the “64-pack of crayons” for my kids.

Before we became a Trinity Christian School family, we were a homeschool family. That time and experience were a tremendous blessing to us in so many ways. As we approached high school, however, I started to consider the “rites of passage” my kids would be missing. Some we were happily avoiding, but for others, I sadly reflected upon the truth that no amount of planning, researching, or attending co-ops could compensate for the homeschool gaps.

As homeschoolers, we believe proudly that we are best able to provide the right education and opportunities for our children, and that we are not choosing to homeschool as any sort of “less than” approach. We cherish the opportunity to marinate our children in God’s word, and to have time directed to prayer, Bible study, and learning more about our loving Lord.

But what if we could do that AND add the fully colored picture of faith, academics, and social experiences that Trinity Christian School provides? As my husband and I explored Trinity and pondered this (seemingly) giant leap from homeschool to a traditional school environment, we began to see that Trinity was our 64-pack of crayons—with the bonus sharpener on the box! As homeschoolers, we were coloring with the 24-pack of crayons—very, very nice crayons, but limited colors nonetheless.

Do you really need 64? What would you do with all of those extra colors? Try a new sport? Pray with your friends in a lunchtime Bible study? Meet with the college advisors to get help on testing, applications, financial aid, and scholarships? Try a new club in kindergarten through grade 12? Join the theater program? Take up a new instrument or a new language? Come to one of many summer camps? Start your school year with Day Away, an Upper School tradition? Receive tutoring to hone math and writing skills, or be trained to tutor others? Attend dances, pep rallies, family fun days, picnics, Grandfriends Day, volunteer opportunities, and Veterans Day celebrations?

We now also appreciate the value of having even more people pour into our children’s hearts and minds, and the worth of their connecting with more fellow believers—children and adults—reflecting the shared purpose and meaning of being a child of God. They are seeing firsthand that it is not a clear “us against the world” mentality, as homeschooling sometimes made me feel, but rather that we are part of a huge and loving Body of Christ, even in our schooling. What a blessing to share our home life, our church life, and now our school life as well, with other active believers.

Of course, upon deciding to apply to Trinity, my mind flooded with thoughts like these: “There are likely no other homeschoolers there.” “My kids won’t fit in.” “They won’t know how to help us with the transition.” But happily, I was wrong on all accounts. There ARE other former homeschool families here, my kids DO fit in, and the school was very helpful in creating the smoothest transition possible for our family.

My only regret is best summed up in the old cliché, “I only wish we had gotten here sooner.” Now, as a member of the Admission team, I am eager to help your family avoid that regret. We will talk through your questions, help you make quick and useful connections with current families, and sort out all the business of transferring. Come visit, take a tour, attend an Open House, meet our families and faculty, or just have a chat with our Admission team. We are here to help you explore becoming a Gryphon family!

About the Author

Jennifer Frey is a military wife, mama to two Trinity Upper School students and lover of adoption, tartan, travel, and a popped collar!


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