Our Road to Trinity

September. How did that happen? Are we really finishing our third week of school already? The new year has caused me to reflect back to just over a year ago when my own children started high school at Trinity.

We are a military family, and we have moved almost more times than I care to remember. We have tried all types of school as we traversed the globe. When we received our orders to come back to Northern Virginia, my husband and I prayed earnestly for direction from the Lord as to the best fit for our two kids to finish high school. The lure of public school is strong in this area- phrases like "best in the country" are tossed around liberally. But our plan was made clear to us- Christian school. The challenge became finding a school that "had it all"—a love and knowledge of biblical truth imparted through all areas of the school, very strong academics and academic offerings, a full slate of activities and athletics, a beautiful campus that could serve as a respite from the "crazy busy" life of this area, and a faculty and staff that would love and support my children. A tall order, perhaps, but one I thought would be easily met in an area like this, which offers so many choices.

Wow, was I wrong. We searched and searched. We read countless school websites. We toured several schools. We even expanded our target search area, and still, all roads led back to just one school- Trinity Christian. Surely we were missing other options, and surely we could come up with a list of ten (or twenty!) schools, right? No. There was one, and the Lord made it clear this was THE One.

For our family, and perhaps for yours as well, no other school could meet all of these needs and wants. If you are searching for a Christian education home, visit Trinity. Poke your head in a classroom while on tour, talk in a play, come to a basketball game, talk to our faculty. Trinity may become for you what it is for us- a family; a family of fellow believers, sharing goals for our children, and working diligently under God's guidance to do our best to see them to fruition.


About the Author

Jennifer Frey is a military wife, mama to two Trinity Upper School students and lover of adoption, tartan, travel, and a popped collar!

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