She Missed Learning About Jesus

They had moved from the Southwest, toured, applied and been accepted. Then, Northern Virginia sticker shock set in while several neighbors asked, "Why would you do that? Don't you know that you've moved to one of the best school systems in the country?" Soon after, the offer of admission was declined.

The family spent some time in the local school before their daughter voiced how much she missed learning about Jesus. Another look at Trinity resulted. This time the family enrolled. When at the end of day two a teacher came my way to share a good story, I anticipated an anecdote about the student's interest in Bible time or faith connections; instead she shared how the student mentioned she was sad that her friends at her old school are learning so much less than she is.

Because He does all things well, we must pursue excellence in all that we do also.

About the Author

Imported from across the Atlantic, where she learned to love languages, old cities, and a great cup of coffee, Margot has served at Trinity Christian School since 2003. Her awe of God and the work He is doing at TCS increases with each passing year.

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