The Three-Legged School

Often when giving tours at Trinity, I find myself referring to a three-legged stool, where one leg represents our school, one the parents and the home, and one represents the church. A stool needs three legs for balance and stability. We would not place our children on shaky stools at the kitchen island; we don’t even let them wiggle around for fear of an unexpected tip-over! In this same way, we must assure that each leg of our home-church-school stool is strong, compatible and doing its job to support the other two legs.

To provide the strongest foundation to our students, we desire that what is said and done at home is in alignment with the church and with the school. All three “legs” play a part in the spiritual nourishment of the child, but none of the legs can do the work without the others. Moreover, while I cannot substitute parenting with church attendance and/or school attendance, neither will just any “leg” do for my stool. I choose to partner with a school that understands the eternal weight of glory at stake. Trinity takes its role as a “leg of the stool” seriously. From the Admission Office to the commencement stage, TCS partners with you to uphold your student and provide stability. Come check it out!

About the Author

Jennifer Frey is a military wife, mama to two Trinity Upper School students and lover of adoption, tartan, travel, and a popped collar!


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