Value Over Cost

It’s a great feeling to get more for your money than you thought you would.  Retailers know it and offer us “Buy One Get One Free” - who doesn’t want to receive more in value than the actual cost? I was thinking today about this concept as it applies to our kids’ education, particularly the decision to send them to, and thus pay for, a school like Trinity Christian School. As a parent of two Upper School students, certainly the “cost” of sending our children here was an initial concern for our family. When we made the decision to enroll them both, we adjusted aspects of our lifestyle to accommodate this new “cost.” Very quickly after starting the school, and really even before the first day of school, what we began to receive was value. There was value in the way I was personally welcomed and aided by my assigned “Mentor Mom,” who, by the way, has turned into a friend. There was value in a sports team that welcomed my kids to practice over the summer, even though they had never done that sport before. There was value in the New Family Dessert event we were invited to the week before school began, in the chapels we were invited to as parents, in the annual Fall Family Picnic (a Trinity tradition), in the Parent Forums, in the tremendous ways the school communicates with parents. Most of all, there is value in the way the teachers and staff care for my children. Just this weekend, my son received a postcard from his art teacher, telling him how she prayed for him that day, and how she wanted to get to know him even better so that she could better pray for his needs. Trinity is bursting at the seams with a staff that, of course, is ready to teach at a high level, but also is given an environment where they can nurture, connect, and see value in each student. That is the best value, one that makes our “cost” seem worth every bit of adjustment and planning. This extra value of a Trinity education is what will pay us and our children back in dividends for the whole of our lives.


About the Author

Jennifer Frey is a military wife, mama to two Trinity Upper School students and lover of adoption, tartan, travel, and a popped collar!

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