Blessed Interruptions

“Deem it a blessing when you are wholly focused on your work and a student suddenly interrupts you,” Dr. Vanderpoel wisely counseled the administrative staff. “We call them ‘Blessed Interruptions,’ so pause and find the blessing!”

The Headmaster’s sound advice did not fall on deaf ears. Though I don’t get frustrated when interrupted, I am task-oriented and strive to work quickly and efficiently. I welcome challenging assignments, but they require focus. As a self-professed multi-tasker, I take pride in mastering multiple complex undertakings. Yet I had never perceived interruptions at the front desk as a skill to master, or even better, a blessing to receive. 

Since assuming my current position in 2010 at the front desk in the Upper School office, I have learned it is not just a job. It is a ministry, one that blesses me immensely. As students lean in at the front desk window and whisper their profound cries and concerns, I am ushered into their hearts. I daily take up residence in the students’ lives. When some struggle to find words for their emotions, I search their eyes, which speak volumes. I shift focus and give the students my undivided attention, immediately recognizing the “Blessed Interruptions.” Whether they are happy or sad, I enter their situations. I rejoice with them with praises or beseech the Lord with prayers. 

Whether they are happy or sad, I enter their situations. I rejoice with them with praises or beseech the Lord with prayers. 

I have the privilege of encouraging students with Scripture. I remind them of the power they have to pray for their teachers, parents, and siblings. I seize the opportunity to teach them life skills, such as making eye contact when speaking with me or any adult. I teach them to greet me at the desk prior to making abrupt requests. I help them find their worth in Christ, teaching them that “God-esteem” surpasses self-esteem. As a member of the staff, I advocate for students who need extra grace. Through the years, faculty members have come to appreciate my insight, complementing their role. I also come alongside parents to listen and pray with them when needed. 

Though my administrative focus has been challenged, my heart has been enriched. Being interrupted is not a disruption but a blessing. Every encounter and conversation nourishes my soul. The life lessons mutually taught and learned at the front desk further God’s kingdom. I am merely an instrument in the hands of the Redeemer, doing the work I was created to do. There is no greater blessing!


About the Author

Caroline Guirgis has been part of the Trinity community since 2004. Each passing year her passion for her position at  the Front Desk ignites with fervor; and her love deepens for the students, their families and colleagues.     

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