Planting Seeds

The parable of the sower found in the books of Matthew and Mark talks about what can happen to the seeds of faith that we plant in others’ lives. What it doesn’t say is how long it may take for the seeds to grow or if we will ever see the garden that is produced. Nevertheless, our role is to keep planting the seeds. God is the Master Gardener who will determine what is produced and when.

I’ve been at Trinity for a long time. So long, in fact, that there was no such thing as social media in September of 2001. I was a fourth-grade teacher then and tried diligently to plant seeds of faith in my students. I was in the classroom on Tuesday, September 11. Mid-morning, the school nurse asked me to step out of the classroom and told me about the two planes that had crashed into the World Trade Center and the plane that had hit the Pentagon. I was told that parents were starting to call the school and would probably be coming to pick up their students. I felt led to pray with my students and explain to them how much God loved them and talked to them about our salvation through Jesus.

We just recently commemorated the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001. In the middle of the day on this past September 11, I got a Facebook request from one of my former fourth graders. That evening I received a message from the sweet, blond-haired girl who’s now grown up. She shared her memories of that day and thanked me for praying with her class. Every now and then, God shares with us a glimpse of the beautiful garden He is creating. I was so blessed to hear about a seed that grew up in good soil.

About the Author

Sherri Copeland is the Lower School Librarian at TCS and the proud mom of two Trinity grads.  When she’s not reading a book, she enjoys gardening and spending time at Lake Anna with her husband and dog River on their boat.

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