K-12 On One Campus

Trinity provides a school home for every stage of development:

Fewer, more carefully planned transitions

Opportunities to “know and be known”

Continuity of instruction from one grade/division to the next

Room for acceleration when ready

Modeling and Service

  • Student athletes invite school-wide participation and model sportsmanship. In eighth grade, qualified students are eligible for varsity or junior varsity sports.
  • Student musicians play for fellow students at chapel or assemblies to fuel their aspirations.
  • Carpool helpers and summer camp counselors engage the younger students.
  • Peer tutors serve in the writing lab and math lab.

Collaborative Experiences

  • Seniors produce a Model Congress to role-play the legislative process, while the eighth-grade civics class serves as the press corps.
  • Second graders conduct a pond/stream study investigating cycles in nature, with the assistance of the AP Environmental Science class.
  • “Strings Buddies” share their love of music as upper school students help young mentees with bowing techniques, rehearsal disciplines, and performance-night nerves.
  • Educational internships for juniors and seniors allow students to explore careers in education, partnered with a Lower School teacher who serves as a mentor for a semester or for a full year.