Technology and E-Curriculum


Lower School (K-6)

With "Classroom in a Box," Lower School teachers enhance lessons and build research skills as students use Samsung Galaxy tablets in the classroom.

Upper School (7-12)

All Upper School students receive their own ASUS Transformer Book T100 for use in classrooms and homework. Each device comes fully loaded, customized to each student's classes.

“Trinity is purposefully investing in the technology to strengthen and not detract from the curricular program. We neither want to dismiss technology nor do we want to elevate it to the position as an end goal. If it is a tool that enhances our mission, then we want to embrace it.”

Dr. Laura McCollum, Upper School Christian Studies Teacher and Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Student Benefits

  • Enriched, up-to-date curriculum with embedded videos, links, audio, and collaborative tools
  • Enhanced mobility for the teacher in the classroom
  • Immediate assessment and feedback to guide instruction
  • Differentiated instruction through multiple modalities
  • Online delivery of instruction in the event of school interruption (i.e. "Virtual Snow Days")
  • Lighter backpacks
  • No competition for “computer time” among family members

Parent Benefits

  • Turnkey – device comes fully loaded, customized to your student’s classes
  • TCS owns and installs the e-curriculum on the student device
  • Cost of curriculum is included in tuition payments

Hardware Management and Security

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) software allows school IT support team to manage, support, secure, and track the devices, both on and off campus
  • Robust web-filtering software allows the school to set the same web-filtering controls for the device whether it is on or off campus

Enhanced Onsite Infrastructure

  • Wireless network equipment upgrades
  • Dedicated fiber optic pipe to campus
  • Increased connectivity speeds to 100/100 Mbps
  • Remote site virtualization of the TCS network to allow for immediate disaster recovery

Microsoft Office 365 for Education

  • Fully functional MS Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote
  • Student email accounts managed in a closed environment, using a TCS designated email account
  • Cloud-based access and storage capacity
  • 99.9% uptime
  • World-class security
  • No data mining for advertising dollars
  • TCS sets and monitors privacy controls

Tuition covers all of the above, use of the device, the infrastructure and onsite support staff, device management, security and web-filtering software, full MS Office suite, enhanced e-curriculum, enriched classroom and home experiences.


In January, TCS Senior Tim Park became the first Trinity student to ever receive an appointment to the four major U.S. military service academies. Tim applied to the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and the U.S. Naval Academy. After learning of his appointment to West Point, Tim had the opportunity to share his story with several local and national news channels!
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