Distance Learning In Action

Trinity's response to COVID-19

Trinity's campus was temporarily closed in mid-March to help contain the spread of COVID-19, however, learning never stopped as students participated in a robust program of remote education.

  • Students engaged in synchronous instruction four hours a day, four days per week.
  • Planned projects, research, and presentations continued with minimal modification.
  • Regular assessments ensured essential learning objectives were met.
  • Grades were awarded consistent with our normal high standards.

Trinity resumed on-campus learning on Monday, August  24, 2020 with five full days of instruction weekly and a synchronous remote learning option.

  • Assessments and grading remain consistent with our normal high standards.
  • Whether on campus or remote, Trinity maintains its rigor, fully preparing students for collegiate studies.


Mid-March 2020

Physical campus temporarily closes due to COVID-19

March 30, 2020

Distance Learning begins for all students (Grades K-12)

May 19, 2020

Last day of classes for
2019-2020 school year

August 24, 2020

On-campus instruction resumes with online options

While our physical campus was quiet, our digital campus was thriving!

See how our digital campus was thriving during our temporary closure below.


Thank you, Trinity teachers and staff for the amazing work you have done for your students.

Trinity Parent

How We Started Each Day

Here's a small snapshot of morning devotions at Trinity. Every weekday morning at 7:30 a.m., over 100 faculty and staff members of Trinity Christian School meet together online to read God's word and pray.


We have been incredibly grateful for every teacher impacting our children...Teachers are still teaching! The students are still learning and growing and connecting with their course material and each other! Our son is still running for student government and had a Zoom session with JV Baseball! We thank the Lord for these connections!

Our family would struggle without the steadying force of Trinity Christian School. THANK YOU for all that you have done. We continue to pray for all of Trinity's teachers and staff. We continue to thank the Lord for the blessing of this wonderful school. THANK YOU so, so much.

Colleen McNiff, Trinity Parent


A Memory Verse Plus More!

What began as a message to his fourth grade teacher became words of encouragement for us all. God is in control!

We have been amazed by how well everything has been organized, and by how adaptive the administration and faculty have been as we’ve embarked on this new adventure.  

Our boys have been enjoying the online approach and continue to learn from home.  Also, we both work full time and have been busy during this period, and I’ve been impressed by how it’s been manageable for us, even for our youngest, due to the teachers’ efforts.  All the faculty have been great and very organized. 

I want to say thank you and let you know that we have been very impressed.  

Andre A., Trinity Parent

Getting Excited for Distance Learning

Teachers sent encouraging messages to their students before Trinity kicked off distance learning.

First Day of Distance Learning

On the first day of distance learning, former Head of School Dr. Vanderpoel encouraged students and read from God's Word.

A Message to Seniors

Mrs. Miller, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, sent a message and a challenge to the students of the Class of 2020.

A Message to Trinity Athletes

"Unfortunately, our off-season started a little early. Good thing the off-season is where champions are made!" - The Athletics Department

A Message from Mrs. Guirgis

Mrs. Guirgis, better known as the Dean of the Front Desk, wanted to let our students know that they are prayed for, loved, missed!

A Great Reminder

Mrs. Booth, one of our Kindergarten teachers, used this story to remind students that God's plan for our lives is always better than our own.

Music Never Stops

"In spite of all that's going on, I'm excited to see how our Performing Arts Department can keep the music going and keep praising God!" - Dr. Kim-Banther, Band Director

A Message to Room 108

Mrs. Taylor, one of our first-grade teachers, reminded her students that God is still in control; he takes things that don't seem right to us and makes something beautiful that we didn't expect.

Are You Staying Fit?

Gryphons, the Athletics Department wants to know how you're staying fit at home! Be sure to share your videos with us! #GryphonGrit

We want to express our profound appreciation for Trinity Christian School during this unprecedented time. We have been amazed at the seamless transition to virtual learning. Trinity has blessed our family with connection, purpose, and routine in a time when uncertainty abounds. We are so grateful for your leadership at Trinity and for the hard work behind the scenes to make virtual learning a success.

Kyle & Colleen M., Trinity Parents

Take a Small Peek Inside a Classroom



Sheep Brain Dissection (Psychology)

Grade 1 Science

Grade 6 Math

Senior Oral Defense

Every spring, Trinity students in Grade 12 are required to defend their 15 -20 page capstone senior theses before a formal panel of faculty and administrators. This time, it is happening virtually!

Wind Ensemble

Students in our Wind Ensemble learned a new song "on their own" then dressed up for their final performance.

Painting Remix

Students in Photo and Graphic Design are working on a painting remix project where they choose a famous painting and recreate it using photography and photoshop.  

AP Chemistry

Making Unleavened Bread

After learning about the Last Supper and reading Luke 22:14-34, students in Grade 4 made their way to the kitchen! In this optional activity, they tried their hand at making unleavened bread. 

Symphonic Band

Honors Ensemble

Stop Motion Video

Beyond the Classroom

A Message from TCS Coaches



A Senior Reads to LS Students

Virtual Signing Ceremony for 3 Gryphons

Tribute to Senior Spring Athletes

·We are very thankful for your hard work and preparation during this unusual time. We love Trinity!

Colleen McNiff, Trinity Parent

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This has certainly been a transition for us, but we are blessed to know God and his peace that surpasses all understanding.  I have experienced more guidance and direction for my children (thanks to TCS) than I have for my own PhD program . . . I want you [Ms. Pierce] to know that I have been reflecting on the words you spoke during one of the kindergarten parent meetings.  I may not be quoting you accurately, but you stated that, "our children are not a distraction from important work, they are the important work."  

Melissa Troncoso, Trinity Parent

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Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for your hard work these past couple of weeks. We appreciate and love you!

Chrissy Frank, Trinity Parent