The Learning Center

About the Learning Center

The Learning Center, which is housed in the Gryphon’s LAIR (Learning Assistance and Institutional Resources) on our school campus, is full of resources that help students with learning differences realize their fullest academic and social potential.

Trinity's desire is to help students know their unique gifts as given by God and to celebrate areas of weakness as opportunities to grow. Our team is inspired to help students realize their full potential and discover success at every level.

We know that not all students learn in the same way. Showing students different approaches and providing them with proven educational tools can empower them to become successful independent learners.

Learning Center Services

Content Tutoring
Math and Writing Labs*
NILD Therapy
NILD Search and Teach
Accommodation plans for students with a diagnosed disability**
Application for accommodations through CollegeBoard*
Educational Testing
Executive Function Study Halls
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)


*Included in tuition and available to Upper School students only.

**This service is included in tuition to all students.

TCS Parents should log in to the Parent Portal for additional resources on the Learning Center.

Meet our Team

Mrs. Peggy Connor, B.S.N.
Educational Therapist

Ms. Erin Gingrich, B.A.
Executive Function Coach

Mrs. Christy Kruger, M.S.
Teaching Assistant, The Learning Center

Mrs. Kara O'Malley, B.A.
Executive Function Coach

Mrs. Robin Currey, M.Ed.
Executive Function Coach

Mrs. Nancy Homm, B.A.
Search & Teach and NILD Therapist

Mrs. Jennifer Lamb, M.Ed.
Educational and ESOL Therapist

Mrs. Janet Gilroy, M.Ed.
Office Manager, The Learning Center

Mrs. Suzanne Hulbert, M.Ed., P.C.E.T.
NILD Therapist

Mrs. Kim Miller, M.Ed.
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction