The Learning Center

About the Learning Center

The Learning Center, which is housed in the Gryphon’s LAIR (Learning Assistance and Institutional Resources) on our school campus, is full of resources that help students with learning differences realize their fullest academic and social potential.

Trinity's desire is to help students know their unique gifts as given by God and to celebrate areas of weakness as opportunities to grow. Our team is inspired to help students realize their full potential and discover success at every level.

We know that not all students learn in the same way. Showing students different approaches and providing them with proven educational tools can empower them to become successful independent learners.

Learning Center Services

Content Tutoring
Math and Writing Labs*
NILD Therapy
NILD Search and Teach
Accommodation plans for students with a diagnosed disability*
Application for accommodations through CollegeBoard*
Educational Testing
Executive Function Study Halls
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

*These services are included in tuition.

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Meet our Team

Mrs. Robin Currey, M.Ed.
Executive Function Coach

Mrs. Kim Miller, M.Ed.
Dean of Curriculum and

Mrs. Janet Gilroy, M.Ed.
Office Manager, The Learning Center

Mrs. Kara O'Malley, B.A.
Executive Function Coach

Mrs. Suzanne Hulbert, B.S.
NILD Therapist

Ms. Kate Yum, M.A.
Executive Function Coach

"One of my students was a non-reader two years ago, and now is reading on grade level. We’re still working with reading comprehension and writing and efficiency, but he has made dramatic progress and I can partner with his teachers and his parents to make sure we’re all working together."

- Mrs. Leslie Whelchel, M.Ed, P.C.E.T

., Learning Center Director

Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Study Halls provide an individualized program designed to bolster a student’s weak executive function deficiencies. The curriculum in Grades 7 - 12 is tailored to the student’s needs in a 6:1 teacher-to-student class setting. In Grades K - 6, students receive services in a 2:1 setting. Enrollment is open to any TCS student. No specialized testing is required, and this provides 1 academic year elective credit. There is an additional fee for this class.

Students in Executive Function Study Halls discover the ability to:

  • make plans
  • keep track of time
  • finish work on time
  • monitor more than one thing at once
  • meaningfully include past knowledge in discussions
  • engage in group dynamics
  • evaluate ideas
  • reflect on their work
  • advocate for themselves
  • use test-taking strategies
  • practice study strategies


GradesClass SettingsDurationCost
Upper School (7-12)6:1Two or three 80-minute classes per week$2,600 per year
Upper School (7-12)2:1Two 40-minute sessions per week$1,400 per semester
Upper School (7-12)2:1Four 40-minute sessions per week$2,600 per semester
Lower School (K-6)2:1Two 40-minute sessions per week$1,400 per semester
Lower School (K-6)2:1Four 40-minute sessions per week$2,600 per semester

Advanced Executive Function Study Hall ($1,850 per year): A blend of Executive Function Study Hall and self-directed Study Hall. Prerequisite: Upper School (7 - 12) Executive Function Study Hall.

NILD Educational Therapy

NILD educational therapy is a direct, language based therapy for students with learning difficulties. This one-on-one, individualized intervention aims to strengthen the underlying causes of learning difficulties. In order for students to successfully learn content and respond well to standards-driven instruction, students must be taught how to learn. NILD therapy teaches students independent learning skills that build competencies in cognition and processing so that the acquisition of academics becomes more efficient and effective.

NILD therapy does more than compensating for students' deficit areas, which often occur in the form of tutoring or classroom accommodation plans, as this still can limit what a student can do on their own. This direct intervention helps students strengthen their areas of deficit so that they are no longer held back by them. Teaching students how to learn eventually gives them freedom to succeed on their own as independent learners. The result is a competent and confident student that has gained skills for a lifetime.Students who receive NILD therapy must be admitted to the program through a formal process that usually includes comprehensive testing and review by the Learning Center Director. This therapy requires two 80-minute sessions per week that are part of the student’s schedule. There is an additional fee for this service.Learn more at

  • Two 80-minute sessions per week (60 total): $6,000 per year
  • $100 testing and materials fee

NILD Search and Teach

Kindergarten - Grade 1

Search and Teach is an early intervention program designed to meet the educational needs of Kindergarten and Grade 1 students before they experience the frustration of learning failure. Students receive one-on-one instruction twice a week for 40 minutes on readiness skills including auditory processing and visual-motor skills necessary for academic success. Prerequisites: Referral.


  • Two 40-minute sessions per week (60 total): $3,000 per year (two semesters)
  • $100 testing and materials fee


Our ESOL services provide individualized instruction for students whose first language is not English. Students receive a free proficiency assessment through our partnership with Fairfax County Schools. Based on this assessment, students receive one-on-one instruction in the four modes of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This instruction also incorporates student work from their classes and provides support catered to their specific linguistic needs.


  • Two 40-minute sessions per week: $1,500 per semester
  • Four 40-minute sessions per week $3,000 per semester

Content Tutoring

Academic tutors are available during seminar, carpool, and after school hours to provide more focused one on one tutoring in most content areas such as math, science, English, history, and language. Tutors are requested online or through the LAIR and matched with available instructors.


Vouchers are purchased through the Business Office individually or in packages of ten. If purchased in units of ten, there is a discounted price. Please see the chart below for specific pricing on tutoring and music vouchers.

Price (1/2 hour session)10-Pack Price

Math and Writing Labs

Trinity teachers and students staff both labs during the school day providing support to students. Students make scheduled appointments and receive individual assistance on their writing assignments or tutoring on math concepts. This service is included in the TCS tuition.

Pricing: Included in tuition


The SAT/ACT exams are a significant component of the college application process. Higher test scores increase a student’s potential for acceptance to their school of choice and provides greater scholarship opportunities. The Learning Center recognizes the importance of preparing for these exams. Our staff has been specifically trained to teach the concepts, skills, strategies, and shortcuts needed to increase scores, build self-confidence, and most importantly help you achieve your college admission goals.


Basic Package
One 60-minute session per week (15 hours total)
Two full-length practice tests, including test analysis
Premium Package
Two 60-minute sessions per week (30 hours total)
Three full-length practice tests, including test analysis

Educational Testing

The Learning Center in the Gryphon's LAIR can provide formal and informal testing for your student. This could include the Woodcock Johnson IV, Executive Function interviews or informal assessments, as well as an inventory of multiple intelligences and learning styles.

Pricing: Varies by test. For more information, contact Mrs. Leslie Whelchel at