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We’re glad you’re here and we are eager to help you get to know Trinity. Trinity Christian School enrolls students who want to serve Christ, who are a good match to the academics offered, and who will be engaged members of our school community.

We want to express our profound appreciation for Trinity Christian School during this unprecedented time. We have been amazed at the seamless transition to virtual learning. Trinity has blessed our family with connection, purpose, and routine in a time when uncertainty abounds. We are so grateful for your leadership at Trinity and for the hard work behind the scenes to make virtual learning a success.

Kyle & Colleen M., Trinity Parents
(Quote from Distance Learning, Spring 2020)

Admission Office Contact Information

Jennifer Frey
Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x112

Blair Gilchrist
Asst. Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x111

Kirsten Brodie
Asst. Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x111

David Moore, International Coordinator

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Trinity has been one of the greatest gifts given to us by God. While it has been difficult financially, it has always been worth the small sacrifices we make. God not only made it abundantly clear He wanted the children we call ours to attend Trinity, but He completely provided the resources to make it happen.

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