We’re glad you’re here and we are eager to help you get to know Trinity. Trinity Christian School enrolls students who want to serve Christ, who are a good match to the academics offered, and who will be engaged members of our school community. We are excited about opportunities to meet you in person and remotely!


In Trinity we find a Christ-centered learning environment where God is seen as
the source of all knowledge, and His Word as the means through which wisdom is obtained. Our daughter is surrounded by faithful adults who are willing to answer her questions and who sincerely care about her growth as a person. We have
so appreciated having a peer group of families who share a commitment to seeking to know the Lord better in all their pursuits. We are grateful that Trinity believes discipleship to be central to its mission, and we appreciate that our daughter is sharpened by the diversity she finds in the Body, and challenged by the presence of
adolescents in various stages of faith.

Trinity Parent

A Firm Foundation

Admission Office Contact Information

Christy Hume
Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x112

Vanessa Watson
Assistant Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x111

Carolyn Stombock
Administrative Assistant
703.273.8787 x111

My children are so happy at TCS. We could not be more pleased with how things are going for them. They are thriving.

Trinity Parent

We invite you to take the next step

Trinity has been one of the greatest gifts given to us by God. While it has been difficult financially, it has always been worth the small sacrifices we make. God not only made it abundantly clear He wanted the children we call ours to attend Trinity, but He completely provided the resources to make it happen.

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Trinity has created a learning environment that allows my child to reach his potential.  Albeit rigorous, Trinity fosters an environment which supports our family values, allowing our son to grow both spiritually and academically.

Trinity Parent