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Welcome to our Kindergarten at Trinity page!

We are so glad you are here! Explore this page to learn more about our kindergarten program, the admission process and timeline, kindergarten readiness milestones, and more. Kindergarten at Trinity is the start of a well-designed K-12 process, wherein our kindergarten curriculum is designed to set up students for Grade 1 readiness, and so on. Each year builds upon the next, and provides a solid, Biblical, and challenging academic experience.

Trinity kindergarten is comprised of two classes of 18 students each, helmed by a highly capable teacher and a full-time instructional assistant. With just 36 spaces available, we recommend you apply during our priority admission window (see timeline below), as we expect to fill all spaces during this first round of decisions.

As always, we are happy to help with any questions you have. Email us at, and join us on campus for a visit. It is our privilege to serve your family during this important transition to kindergarten!


Message from Mrs. Booth, Lower School Principal


Types of Kindergarten Programs

Different kindergarten classrooms are based on different early childhood program philosophies. While options are great, so many options can get confusing. Here is an overview to help you understand what the different approaches are and which may best suit your student.

Trinity Christian School's kindergarten program follows an academic model.

Emphasizes laying a solid foundation in math, science, reading, and writing through formal instruction that follows a set curriculum.

Emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Views play as the main medium for learning.

Emphasizes experiential learning to gain independence. Classrooms are mixed-age so that younger students learn from older students.

Emphasizes appreciation for nature and the environment through games and music. The teacher typically stays with the same class, moving up through grades with the students.

Emphasizes the arts and learning without a formal curriculum. Lessons remain flexible and are based on the interests of the students.

Emphasizes exploration of surrounding environment. Teachers plan experiences to encourage curiosity and discovery in the classroom.

Emphasizes the integration of subjects under a theme to help students relate academic skills to real-world scenarios.

Emphasizes the importance of unique learning styles. The method by which a teacher instructs is based on each individual student.

Kindergarten Admission Process Timeline

Below is a chronological overview of the kindergarten admission process for the 2023-2024  school year.

September 1

The Admission Portal opens for applications to the 2023-2024 school year. Take the first step of your journey towards becoming a member of Trinity's Class of 2036! We are happy to help you with any questions that arise during the application process. 

November 11

Priority Admission Deadline for kindergarten applications. All applications completed by this date will be considered during our first round of kindergarten admission decisions. Applications completed after this date will be considered on a rolling basis. Decisions are generally issued within 10 days of a completed application during the rolling admission window.

November 17

Admission decisions released for all candidates that have a completed application by the Priority Admission Deadline. Once the 36 spaces are filled, accepted students will be added to a waiting list and contacted when a space becomes available.


November 30

If accepted, this is the deadline to lock in your child’s space, by paying the tuition deposit of $1,200, the one-time, once-per-family facility fee ($750), and completing the enrollment contract. After this date, spaces that have not been secured will be released to admission candidates on the waiting list. Enrolled families are added to the TCS New Family Portal.


January 31, 2023

Kindergarten Check-In 

Admitted kindergartners will join us for an hour of story time and directed play. This hour introduces your child to the Trinity campus and some of our teaching team.

April 28, 2023

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

All enrolled kindergarten students participate in this “morning of kindergarten” on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provisional Acceptance

Why was my rising kindergarten child admitted provisionally?

The short answer is, “They all were!” All admitted kindergarten applicants receive provisional acceptances. So much growth, development, and learning take place between admission and the start of school. Our admission process and timeline acknowledge this development by offering admission seats in the fall but not conducting our Kindergarten Readiness Assessment until the following spring. For most children, completing the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in April lifts that provisional status and the child is then fully enrolled. For more detail, please see the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment section of this page.

Kindergarten First Glance

What is the Kindergarten First Glance?

We welcome you to join us for a “Kindergarten First Glance” program! Programs are scheduled for September 22, October 13, and October 27, 2022, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Tour the campus, look inside our kindergarten classrooms, and meet our Lower School Principal and kindergarten teachers. You are welcome to bring your prospective kindergartner along! 

Missed Kindergarten First Glance? You are also welcome to register for an on-campus tour or Open House program.

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Kindergarten at Trinity

How does Trinity's Kindergarten program differ from other programs?

The Trinity Christian School kindergarten program is a full day, academic experience. We offer a yearlong Bible curriculum centered around the fruit of the Spirit. Reading is approached systematically using phonics (letter sounds, chunking words, identifying rhyming words), reading aloud (by the teacher, while teaching comprehension strategies, guided reading, and independent reading), and developmental writing (“Kid Writing”). For math, we use an intentional process of learning, utilizing concrete (manipulatives), pictorial (pictures), and abstract (numbers, diagrams, and mental math) strategies. Most of our kindergartners are reading comfortably by the end of the year and have mastered math facts in addition and subtraction through 10.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

What takes place during the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

On April 28, 2023, all enrolled 2023-2024 kindergarten students will join us on campus for a “morning of kindergarten”! Taking place on a day when current Trinity students are not on campus, we utilize the classrooms for our rising class of K students. Our team of teachers and administrators observe the students in academic, social, and physical activities. Our Trinity team meets after the morning is complete to discuss each child. If the team notes observations of interest or concern, we will contact you to discuss them. For most children, these discussions involve sharing the observations and discussing strategies to bridge any readiness gaps before the start of school in August. The concerns observed could warrant further admission action, such as changing the child’s admission from “provisional” to “probationary”, with specific markers of progress that must be met through the school year. Occasionally, the team identifies a student that is not developmentally ready for kindergarten in the coming school year. In that rare case, the provisional acceptance may be rescinded, with the recommendation for another year of a structured preschool program, and then a re-application to the Trinity kindergarten program for the following school year. We are always working towards what is best for your child. Our team has decades of experience observing rising kindergartners and any decision to delay kindergarten entrance are made very thoughtfully and with much prayer. We look to serve your child and family in the ways God has called them to thrive.


Kindergarten Readiness Milestones

At Trinity Christian School, our goal is to admit children who will truly thrive and excel in our kindergarten program. Developmental readiness includes traditional markers such as knowing letters and numbers, but readiness is not limited to phonemic and math awareness. Six major developmental areas can indicate your child’s readiness for a full-day academic kindergarten program like Trinity’s. We encourage you to use our “Kindergarten Readiness Checklist” as a general gauge and guideline. Ideally, a student entering kindergarten will consistently demonstrate each of the skills in each of the six developmental areas. A child’s admission to Trinity’s kindergarten program is based on many factors, but you can use this checklist to track your child’s progress and ultimately decide if it’s time to apply.

Admission Office Contact Information

Christy Hume
Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x112

Vanessa Watson
Assistant Director of Admission
703.273.8787 x111

Carolyn Stombock
Administrative Assistant
703.273.8787 x111