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What do alumni say?

Trinity Christian School served as the soil in which the seed of my faith grew and was nurtured; there, for the first time, I encountered a Christianity that was more than I expected. Having been raised in the American church and exposed from the earliest age to its culture and ethical expectations, by my teenage years I had become desensitized to the extravagant goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, it was only upon enrolling at Trinity my junior year of high school and sitting through a two-semester church history class that I felt I was faced for the first time with the true gravity of the Lord’s grace to his bride—not a grace limited to one people or one era, but one born from eternity into the moments of men in Jesus of Nazareth to be a light of hope for all creation. The history of the church, of which I became conscious for the first time at Trinity, was the mechanism by which Holy God ushered me into true discipleship. And from the first moments of faith until now, the overwhelming value of the knowledge of the history of the Lord’s people has been one of the most important refrains in my life’s song of worship.
Nick White '11

From studying in Greece and Thailand to long nights in nursing school to my current job as charge nurse at INOVA Fairfax, I've never forgotten what I learned at Trinity. Not only did my time at Trinity give me an advantage over classmates in college, but the moral and spiritual foundation I gained here--especially during my senior year--led me to choose my career in nursing.
Ashley (Conwell) Freiling R.N. '09

Trinity equipped me with all the practical skills to succeed in college and beyond. But more importantly, my teachers at Trinity taught me how to think critically---how to put things in perspective and consider all things in light of God's truth. I'm working on my Master's now, and I still draw upon what I learned at Trinity.
Nick Freiling '09

My twin sister and I attended Trinity for both middle and upper school. The decision to attend Trinity was pivotal in my life.I felt that the school truly embodied their mission statement of "pursuing excellence for the mind and heart." At every turn I was encouraged to pursue a vocation rather than merely a career. I was encouraged to glorify God in all endeavors. Academically I was challenged with rigorous study that laid the foundation for my future work in Critical Care medicine.Courses and activities were calculated to train leaders. I immensely enjoyed Trinity's athletics, especially playing competitive volleyball. The athletics program provided balance to the academic milieu. All of these experiences played a vital role in my future.After four years working as an RN in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at the University of Virginia I felt that it was time to make a change. I was honored to be selected as a Flight Nurse with UVA Pegasus, the critical care medevac program at UVA. Without the confidence and knowledge rooted in the truth of God's Word instilled in me during my time at Trinity, I wonder if I would have had the courage to pursue this path this early in my career.
Stephene Aizcorbe Hertwig, R.N. '07

My education at Trinity prepared me well for college. During my freshman year at Grove City College I remember answering a particular question in a class I had with Luke Swadener (a fellow Trinity alumni). All my other classmates seemed dumbfounded as to how I knew the answer to the question. Luke, on the other hand, looked at me and just smiled because he knew the answer too. This specific story reminded me of the enormous blessing that Trinity had been for me for twelve years of my life.
Evan Reyle '10

Upon entering the education program at Liberty University, I began to pray for the institution in which I would teach, as well as my first class of students. I cannot imagine beginning my teaching career at any other institution. I am blessed daily by both my wonderful students and the phenomenal faculty here. While attending Trinity, I never thought that I would return to teach but am beyond thankful for the wonderful opportunity.
Allison Aizcorbe Ososkie '07


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TCS graduations are just wonderful—so full of hope and promise. They remind me each year what we are all about as a community—working together to develop young people into godly young men and women.
Janet Gilroy, Parent of Trinity Alumni