They Couldn't Stay Away

I came back because I really felt that God was calling me back to Trinity.

Dwight Hayes
Class of 2007

Amanda Smith 
Class of 2015

Katelynne Herring
Class of 2010

Sydney Shuler
Class of 2018

Madison Lee
Class of 2015

Karyn Sykes
Class of 2008

Fleming Saunders
Class of 2010



When I graduated from Trinity, I hadn't imagined that it was in God's plan for me to return nearly four years later as a teacher. But rising to this new challenge has already been one of the most rewarding experiences of my early adult life. To walk alongside many of my former teachers and collaborate with them, problem-solve with them, become a better teacher with them, and continue to learn from them is more than I could have asked for in my first job experience. Coming back to Trinity has given me a new appreciation for the heart and the dedication of each of our faculty and staff, and I am excited to be a part of a team that is transforming and equipping students daily for Christ and his kingdom.

Amanda Smith, Class of 2015
Upper School English Teacher

I came back because I really felt that God was calling me back to Trinity. I felt that it would be such an honor to be a part of the ministry that radically transformed my life by teaching me about my Savior and instilling a desire to be in relationship with Him. There would be no greater joy than to be a part of the Lord's work and instilling those same desires and knowledge in the next generations of children.

Karyn Sykes, Class of 2008
Third Grade Teacher


Since coming back to Trinity I have learned to appreciate the value of Christian education and the lessons learned while competing in a Christian environment.  Athletics is a huge mission field – a place to learn humility, sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. Sometimes in life our goals can become self-centered or be driven by worldly success. At Trinity, we have the privilege to teach and coach with a Christ-centered playbook.  Just as we compete for something greater than ourselves, we also live for Christ who is ultimately greater than everything we could ever accomplish. It’s a blessing to work in an environment like Trinity where we can both live and compete for the Lord!

Fleming Saunders, Class of 2010
Director of Athletics, Boys


I was so grateful to be able to come back to Trinity as part of the faculty. I was at Trinity as a student for 10 years and I truly loved my time spent here. The environment among the students and faculty is so rare, which is why it was an easy decision to come back. Whether it is the academics, the sports, or the overall environment, Trinity is such a special place. It is awesome to be on the ‘other side of things’ and be able to help students pursue excellence and honor God in all that they do. I love working with the teachers that I had during high school and appreciate all that they did for me even more.

Madison Lee, Class of 2015
Upper School Teaching Assistant 

I still have this vivid memory of the time right before graduating from Trinity when I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life:

The administration took an afternoon to meet with our class to talk about our time at Trinity, including the things we loved about the school, as well as the things we wished we’d had while in school. Taking that time to reflect on my time at Trinity, I knew then and there that I had a heart to invest in the next generation, and what better place to do that than in the school where the faculty and staff of that time had invested in me.

It’s been really wonderful to see many of those “wishes” we’d had back in 2006 come to fruition now, and to see how much the school has grown. But it’s also been really great to see how Trinity has maintained a culture of deep care for not only the minds but also hearts of their students, as they not only encourage the students, but they themselves pursue excellence in their work.

Chelsea Hugel, Class of 2006


I came back to teach at Trinity because my experience here as a student was very impactful in helping me understand that God is the creator of all things and that all truth is found in him. The teachers that I had in my time here faithfully planted seeds that would one day produce fruit. I am grateful for all of their hard work and their prayers over the years. It is enjoyable to come back to teach and thank some of them personally!

Dwight Hayes, Class of 2007
Physical Education Department Chair, P.E. Teacher, Coach


A 2019 National Blue Ribbon School

TCS graduations are just wonderful—so full of hope and promise. They remind me each year what we are all about as a community—working together to develop young people into godly young men and women.
Janet Gilroy, Parent of Trinity Alumni