Agreement to Participate in TCS Athletics

Every sport/activity has certain inherent risks, and, regardless of the precautions taken, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the participant. Sports require a high level of fitness, involving such activities as quick bursts of speed, long periods of running, vigorous physical movements, and physical contact with a ball and/or other participants. Participating in organized athletics is a reasonably safe activity as long as certain guidelines are followed.

Some hazards include the possibility of being struck by a ball; colliding with another player; colliding with a post or playing field fence; tripping or slipping; hitting the ground; and poor weather conditions. A variety of injuries may occur, including muscle strain, sprains, fractures, contusions, abrasions, concussion, and dehydration. Serious and disabling injuries and even death may result from participation in sports. It is not possible to list every specific risk.

To help reduce the chance of injury to oneself and other participants, the following safety rules are to be followed during practice and games. Participants will

  1. wear the proper protective equipment, as instructed by the school and the coaches;
  2. obey the rules of the sport;
  3. report any personal safety or health concerns to the coach or Athletic Director; and
  4. meet any health or safety requirements of the TCS Health Clinic. (Examples include, but are not limited to, carrying an Epi-pen to practice or games, or periodically checking blood sugar levels.)

I agree to follow these safety rules as well as any others given by my coach. Furthermore, I agree to immediately report any unsafe practices, conditions, or equipment to my coach and/or Athletic Director. I also agree to report any injury to the coaching staff when it occurs.

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