Trinity's Dig Pink Day
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday, October 29 is Dig Pink Day at Trinity, a fundraising event to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This year the Trinity Varsity Girls Volleyball team will be competing against a team of Trinity senior boys! A portion of the proceeds from Dig Pink Day will benefit the Side-Out Foundation. Learn more about the Side-Out Foundation here.

Here's how you can get involved!

Lower School students: 

  • Although the tickets to the game are limited to Upper School students, Lower School students may still get involved by purchasing a Dig Pink shirt to show support! 
  • All students (K-12) who purchase a Dig Pink shirt may wear their Dig Pink shirts to school on Thursday, October 29, in lieu of their uniform shirt. Uniform bottoms are still required.

Upper School students:

  • Purchase a Dig Pink shirt to show support! All students who purchase a Dig Pink shirt may wear their Dig Pink shirts to school on Thursday, October 29, in lieu of their uniform shirt. Uniform bottoms are still required.
  • Consider buying a ticket to watch the Varsity Girls Volleyball team take on the Senior Boys at 4:30 p.m.
  • Tickets will first be sold to players’ families and Seniors and then will be opened up to other Upper School students.  See the ticket sales section for more details.

Dig Pink Shirt Order Information

Please note: your order is not complete until your payment is submitted. All orders are due by midnight on Sunday, October 18. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Side-Out Foundation for breast cancer research.


  • Shirts are short-sleeved and cost $15.
  • Tickets to the Dig Pink game are not included with a Dig Pink shirt purchase. Tickets are sold separately.

Dig Pink Shirt Order Form

Order Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, October 18

Front of shirt:


Back of shirt:


  • Remember to click the Submit button above when ordering a t-shirt. 
  • Ticket and concession orders are placed on a different form below.


Ticket and Concession Sales 


  • Tickets to the game are limited to Upper School students and players' families.
  • Due to Virginia Health Department regulations, the number of people attending this event will be limited to 250
  • Masks must be worn at all times and fans will be properly spaced out in the bleachers.  
  • Players’ families, Middle Level and JV Volleyball team members, and Senior students will be given the first opportunity to purchase.
  • After October 19, ticket sales will begin to be open to Upper School students in other grade levels. 
  • Purchase tickets online by using the payment form below. 


  • Limited concessions will be offered at the game.
  • All hot food items (Chick-fil-A sandwiches and Dominos Personal Pizzas) must be pre-purchased online. These items may be purchased along with your ticket using the payment link below.

Ticket and Concession Sales Order Form



About Dig Pink

Dig Pink® is the name of the Side-Out Foundation's program to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Side-Out Foundation, which in turn awards grants to medical research organizations and entities dedicated to providing support to breast cancer patients and their families. Your participation gives youths the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of all breast cancer patients.

Learn more about Dig Pink on the Side-Out Foundation's website.