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Important Shipping Information

If placing orders concurrently in separate stores, you will be charged separate $7.95 shipping & handling fees (For example, if you order 3 items from the Casual Wear store as well as 2 items from the Uniform Approved store on the same day, these are two separate check-outs and each will have a $7.95 shipping and handling fee).  However, our provider, SquadLocker, will credit back all shipping fees beyond the first one incurred for same day orders.  Simply, use the LIVE CHAT function or email SquadLocker at and share both order numbers and SquadLocker will provide the credit for the extra shipping & handling fee. 


Spirit Stores

TCS Spirit Wear

Casual Wear*

Uniform Approved Apparel and Accessories

*NOTE: Only items in the Casual Wear store that meet Casual Day Uniform Guidelines may be worn on Casual Dress days.


Do you have questions about our Gryphon Gear Spirit Store? Check below to find your answer! If you need additional assistance, please email

What is Squadlocker?

Squadlocker is our new online spirit wear provider that is open throughout the year, so you no longer have to wait for the next school ordering window. Also, Squadlocker has the industry’s shortest order production time, so you no longer have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your Gryphon Gear.   Items purchased will be delivered directly to your home within 2-3 weeks.

How do I find our school stores?

Clicking one of the above blue buttons will take you directly to the store.

How and when do I get my order?

When you place an order, it will be delivered directly to your home within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Is there a deadline for ordering?

There is no deadline for ordering. You can order year-round from any store.  Items will be delivered to your shipping address.

Who do I contact if I have questions about an item or shipping?

Squadlocker representatives are available to assist you with your purchase.  You may Live Chat with them directly via the Spirit Store website.

Which Gryphon Gear can be worn to school?

All of the items in the Gryphon Gear: Approved Uniform Accessories store are authorized for wear to school.

Can parents and families wear items from the Gryphon Gear: Approved Uniform Accessories store?

Yes, absolutely.  Our families can purchase and wear items in any of our stores. We created that store in order to distinguish approved uniform items from casual wear.

When can students wear the items from the Gryphon Gear: Casual Wear store?

Items in this store may not be worn on regular school days.  Students may wear items from this store on Casual Dress Days as long as items meet Casual Dress Standards and after the regular school day. 

How can I buy a rugby shirt?

Families will have the opportunity to purchase a Trinity rugby shirt in September.  We will send out a link in the Gryphon Weekly with information on how to order. We will receive those items at school and will distribute them to the students who purchased one.

Can I wear the Gryphon Gear I purchased in previous years?

Yes, you may wear approved Gryphon sweatshirts and jackets from previous stores that comply with the school uniform standards.

Why are there so many different stores?

We have a separate store for approved uniform items so that parents and students are clear about what may be worn to school, a casual wear store for families to purchase additional spirit wear, and a store for each sport.

How can I get a discount on shipping?

If you purchase items from one store and would like to purchase additional items from other stores, you can call, email or Live Chat with a Squadlocker representative who can give you a code for free shipping.  Be advised that you can only use one promotional code per transaction, so a $7.95 savings on shipping might not be better than 10% off of your entire order.

How do I get store discounts?

Squadlocker offers multiple different promotions each week (free shipping on orders over a certain amount, 25% off Under Armour, 20% off an entire order, etc). These are always displayed in a banner at the top of their website.  Check back throughout the week until you see the deal that you want.