Mind and Heart Podcast

Mind and Heart is a podcast by Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, Virginia. In this space, we explore our calling to raise up the next generation to be salt and light in the world. 



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Ep 9 | The High Calling of Motherhood with Chimene Dupler

We sit down with author, speaker, and Trinity parent Chimene Dupler as she encourages mothers in the trenches of parenting to rely on the strength of the Lord. Chimene shares candidly about lessons learned while raising her three daughters, and strives to equip parents with confidence to raise up the next generation. She also gives a sneak peek of her next book!


Ep 8 | Created to Create with Deb Dayhoff

We sit down with Trinity Christian School Visual Arts Department Chair and Upper School Art teacher Deb Dayhoff, to discuss how students can glorify God through artistic expression. Armed with decades of experience and scriptural truth, Deb challenges her students to see themselves as image-bearers of the ultimate Creator and to use their God-given creativity as a mouthpiece for the gospel.


Ep 7 | Body Image and the Idolatry of Control with Carter Leach

We sit down with Trinity Christian School graduate, Carter Leach ’18, as he shares his struggle and victory in his fight against an eating disorder. Now, almost a year into recovery, Carter explains how community and scripture have empowered his healing, and emphasizes the importance of finding one’s identity in Christ.

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders


Ep 6 | Grace for the Single Mom with Simonee Carter

We sit down with Trinity Christian School Instructional Assistant, Simonee Carter, to discuss how prayer has powerfully impacted her life as a single mother. Simonee encourages listeners to believe that when prayer is all you have, you have more than enough. She gives practical tips for Christian communities to support single parents, and offers encouragement for anyone on a similar journey.


Ep 5 | Fighting for Life with Alyssa Thoburn

We sit down with Trinity Christian School graduate, Alyssa Thoburn '21, to discuss her passion for the pro-life movement. Once a shy, quiet student at Trinity, Alyssa is now known as the “Bullhorn Girl” for pro-life events! She walks us through how God opened her eyes to the horror of abortion, and what her life has looked like since the moment she found out. 

 Note: This conversation surrounds sensitive topics, and we suggest listening on your own before allowing young children to hear.


Ep 4 | SPECIAL: Thanks and Giving Part 2 with Edwin Miller

In Part 2 of our series on Thanks and Giving, we are joined by Gemspring Capital Operating Executive, Edwin Miller. Edwin is a five-time CEO with an impressive resume, but even more importantly, he is a strong man of faith with an unwavering trust in God. 

With emotion and humor, Edwin walks us through an incredible life journey; from his humble beginnings in a one-stoplight town, to the incredible businessman and follower of Christ that he is today. We invite you to listen as Edwin recounts how a broken jaw, a broken dream, and a single anonymous gift changed the trajectory of his life forever.


Ep 3 | SPECIAL: Thanks and Giving Part 1 with Mary Trombadore

This week, Mary Trombadore sits down with us to share how a childhood of poverty provided her with a grateful heart, a generous spirit, and a deeper relationship with God. Her stories, often hard to believe, are clear evidence of a God who hears the prayers of his children. As we enter this season of thankfulness and giving, we invite you to listen as Mary shares the impact we can have when we are willing to be cheerful givers.


Episode 2 | Demystifying Learning Disabilities with Mrs. Kim Miller

We sit down with Trinity Christian School Assistant Head of School for Academics Mrs. Kimberly Miller to discuss the myths, challenges, and gifts of learning disabilities. With over 20 years in education, an advanced degree in educational psychology, a child with learning disabilities, and an ADHD diagnosis herself, Mrs. Miller is uniquely qualified to offer insight on this topic from both a personal and professional vantagepoint. We invite you to listen as Mrs. Miller confronts the assumptions that surround learning disabilities and challenges fellow believers to better love and advocate for these often-misunderstood students.


Episode 1 | Why Christian Education with Dr. David Vanderpoel

We sit down with Trinity Christian School’s Head of School, Dr. David Vanderpoel, to discuss why Christian education matters. He addresses common misconceptions of Christian vs. public school education and ultimately makes the case for why Christian families should consider sending their children to Christian Schools.