Mind and Heart Podcast

Mind and Heart is a podcast by Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, Virginia. In this space, we explore our calling to raise up the next generation to be salt and light in the world. 



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Episode 1 | Why Christian Education with Dr. David Vanderpoel

We sit down with Trinity Christian School’s Head of School, Dr. David Vanderpoel, to discuss why Christian education matters. He addresses common misconceptions of Christian vs. public school education and ultimately makes the case for why Christian families should consider sending their children to Christian Schools. 


Episode 2 | Demystifying Learning Disabilities with Mrs. Kim Miller

We sit down with Trinity Christian School Assistant Head of School for Academics Mrs. Kimberly Miller to discuss the myths, challenges, and gifts of learning disabilities. With over 20 years in education, an advanced degree in educational psychology, a child with learning disabilities, and an ADHD diagnosis herself, Mrs. Miller is uniquely qualified to offer insight on this topic from both a personal and professional vantagepoint. We invite you to listen as Mrs. Miller confronts the assumptions that surround learning disabilities and challenges fellow believers to better love and advocate for these often-misunderstood students.


Ep 3 | SPECIAL: Thanks and Giving Part 1 with Mary Trombadore

This week, Mary Trombadore sits down with us to share how a childhood of poverty provided her with a grateful heart, a generous spirit, and a deeper relationship with God. Her stories, often hard to believe, are clear evidence of a God who hears the prayers of his children. As we enter this season of thankfulness and giving, we invite you to listen as Mary shares the impact we can have when we are willing to be cheerful givers.