Summer Camp registration is closed.



Registration for summer camp will open during second semester. Check back for updates!

We look forward to another exciting summer @ TCS!



Will your student be attending a TCS camp for the first time this year? Still have questions after reading the Summer Camp Catalog? Read the FAQs below, or contact us at summer@tcsfairfax.org.

How do I register and pay for camp?

Registration and payment for camps takes place online. Register for camps by clicking the "Register for Camps" tab above. A PDF tutorial is available here.

Payment by credit card is expected at the time of registration.

Please note:

  • No refunds will be granted for withdrawal.
  • Payment will not be prorated for partial attendance.
  • Credit card processing fees cannot be refunded.

What if a program gets cancelled?

TCS reserves the right to cancel a program for insufficient enrollment. In this event, families will be notified and receive a full refund of camp fees. (Credit card processing fees cannot be refunded.)

Is there a late fee if I do not pick up on time?

Yes; a $25 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes, or any portion thereof, that students remain on campus after dismissal. Trinity does not offer Extended Day programs in the summer.

What guidelines are campers expected to follow?

Dress Guidelines

Students are asked to dress modestly: no short shorts, cut-offs, bare midriffs, tank tops, or halter tops. Students are to dress appropriately for all camp activities.

Code of Conduct

Trinity Christian School provides an excellent opportunity for students who want to learn, grow, and thrive through the summer. This is done within a supportive community built on truth, character, and service. In order to create and sustain such a community, students must make the following pledge:

I promise to follow the expectations of student conduct:

  • Honor Christ in word and deed
  • Strive to do the best academic work possible
  • Respect individuals of different races, cultures, religions, genders, ages, disabilities, and national origins
  • Behave in a friendly, cooperative, safe, and responsible manner toward all persons in the TCS community
  • Take responsibility for one’s work and actions
  • Cooperate with adult supervision
  • Observe rules for physical safety and all other rules for student conduct
  • I understand that my actions will shape our school community and that my continued enrollment within this program depends on my honoring this code.

Discipline Policy

Every student attending camp or a class is expected to follow the TCS standards of behavior listed in the Code of Conduct. Consideration of others in thought, word, and deed is expected.

TCS reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student who poses a discipline problem or a disruption to the learning experience. No refunds will be issued for students who are asked to withdraw.

What should my child bring to camp?

  • All half-day campers must bring a snack and a drink IF they are only on campus for part of the day.
  • All full-day campers must bring lunch, two snacks, and a drink.
  • All participants must bring a water bottle and will be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • All participants must wear sunscreen. Full-day campers should bring sunscreen to re-apply for afternoon activities.

Please Note: There will NOT be a nurse on campus during Summer Camp; however, counselors do have access to a basic first aid kit. If you need to reach the school during the day, please call Trinity Christian School at 703-273-8787 x110.

If students signed up for a morning half-day camp AND an afternoon half-day camp in the same week, do they eat lunch on campus?

Yes. Most morning camps end at 11:15 a.m. After morning camp, students eat lunch with full-day campers before attending afternoon camps. Most afternoon camps begin at 12:15 p.m.

Are all camps on-campus?

Yes, all camps are held on Trinity's campus.

How do I purchase materials for credited summer courses?

See the information below regarding specific on-campus and online course materials.

Registration for summer camps at TCS does not cover the cost for any course materials, such as textbooks. Please view our Summer Camp Catalog for more information on required course materials.

World Religions Summer Intensive There is no required text for this course.


Online Intro to Computer Science There is no required text for this course.
Online Algebra 1 Refresher There is no required text for this course.
Online Geometry Recommended textbook:


Online Health There is no required text for this course.


Online Trigonometry There is no required text for this course.
Online World History I: Prehistory - 1400's


Required textbook:




How can students volunteer as summer camp staff?

Fill out the Student Volunteer Application to apply as a TCS student summer camp staff member. Applications are to be turned in to the Upper School Office.