Trinity Traditions

Fall Family Picnic

The PTO welcomes all families onto campus at the beginning of the school year for an outdoor cookout, fun games, and raffle prizes!

Veterans Day Chapel

Trinity welcomes and honors those who have served America by inviting them to Veterans Day Chapel. Students have a rare chance to thank veterans from WWII and beyond for their services to our country.

Father-Daughter Dance

Every year, Trinity's fathers and daughters dress in their best and come together to attend the Father-Daughter Dance. Both Lower and Upper School daughters have the opportunity to attend.

See You At The Pole

Each year, on the fourth Wednesday in September, Trinity students participate in See You at the Pole™, the global day of student prayer.

Homecoming Week

Each year's Homecoming is themed and celebrated by Trinity, starting with the annual Alumni Brunch and finishing with the Homecoming Games and Homecoming Dance.

Day Away

Upper School parties, held at family homes at the beginning of the year, help students connect and bond with other students in their grades.

Trinity's alumni come back to the school right after Christmas break to visit with current faculty, staff, and students. They also provide insight into college life for present students.

Grandfriends Day

On Grandfriends Day, Grandparents and friends of Lower School students are invited to our campus for student performances which celebrate Memorial Day.

First and Last Senior Walk

Seniors are greeted by younger students as they walk through the halls of Trinity on their first and last days as high school seniors. This helps our younger students recognize the importance of graduation and creates a connection with our seniors.