"Trinity Christian School really has such a great impact on our family. I know that it is a great investment.
Trinity is near and dear to our hearts, and it probably always will be."

-John Colston, former Chairman of Trinity's Board of Trustees and Alumni Parent

Capital Campaign Participation as of 1/31/2019

Alumni, relatives, and other community members: $205,452.50 to date.

Go ALL IN with us! Text TRINITY to 56512 to make a gift or pledge.

Thank You for Giving:

7550 Accotink Park LLC
Kenji and Christine Adachi
Jamie and Erin Adams
Tim and Karen Alexander
Robert Kitchen and Joanne Allan
Marc and Shannon Allen
Robert and Amy Allen
Kevin and Roshelle Ames
James and Lynn Amico
Stephany Ander
Mark and Grace Andringa
Elizabeth Anger
Brahm and Kia Arian
James and Suzanne Arrison IV
Ken and Nancy Bagnoli
Querube Barber
Ossama Nasralla and Joyce Barsoum
Doug and Kara Bath
Scott and Rosana Bergquist
Neoma Berry
George and Marianne Bishara
Timothy and Colleen Boyce
Jason and Fiona Bracy
Paul and Laura Brazier
Robert Britigan
Kirk and Nancy Brown
Nelda Brown
David and Sandra Bunn-Livingstone
Richard and Lisa Burns
William and Pam Burns
Alex and Jean Bustamante
Daniel and Vicky Butler
Greg and Lori Byre
Katelyn Campbell
James and Caroline Carroll
Michael Carroll
David and Cathy Case
John and Heather Chase
KK Choi and Holly Park
Julia Christel
Donald and Sohee Chu
Alvin and Christine Chun
Steven and Michelle Chung
David and Margot Clenance
James and Hannah Clifford
Thomas andCarol Cluff
Douglas and Shelby Colby
Robert and Kim Colby
Jack and Rachel Colston
Rosemary Colston
John and Kris Colston III
Mark and Peggy Connor
James and Nancy Cope
Bob and Sharol Copeland
Nathan and Sherri Copeland
Robert and Katherine Copeland III
Fred and Anita Cornett
Mark and Pamela Couch
Chloe Coy
David and Christy Coy
Robert and Laura Cranston
Duncan and Diane Crook
Jonathan and Anneka Daniell
Denny and Sharrie Danielson
Richard and Michele Daum
Al and Deborah Dayhoff
Geoffrey and Christine Dean
Wesley and Kari Denton
Michael and Sandra Dewey
Scott and Sarah Dickens
Jason and Rebecca Dickey
Michael and Lynne Douglas
Mary Drum
Rebecca Duckworth
Todd and Chimene Dupler
Andrew and Jamie Durkovic
Joseph and Megan Edwards
Kathleen Eiserman
Curtis and Marcella Evans
Matt and Mary Fahnestock
David and Christine Filiatrault
Karl and Sherry Fischer
Donna Fisher
David and Jennifer Fletcher
Bob and Ingrid Flores
Kevin and Christine Frank

James and Jennifer Frey
James and Chandell Fridenberg
Gordon and Gayle Fuller
Richard and Yvonne Gaffin
Christopher and Leslie Gardner
Joseph and Deanna Gelak
Don and Tina Gibson
Philip and Dana Gibson
Daniel and Blair Gilchrist
John and Janet Gilroy
Erin Gingrich
Rob and Susan Gould
James and Buffy Grande
Kaitlyn Graybill
Garrett and Ann Grigsby
Jessica Groves
Mark and Caroline Guirgis
Ramy and Christiane Guirguis
David and Mary Habashy
Tesfaye and Yeshi Haile
Davis Hall IV
Andrew and Donna Hamilton
Sang and Esther Han
Margaret Handley
Victor Handres and Reyna Osorto
Mark and Sherry Hanna
Michael and Frankie Hardesty
Porter and Cathy Harlow
Joshua Harstine
Paul and Sharon Hayeck
Thomas and Ginny Hayes
Bruce and Catherine Haynes
Robert and Shirley Heath
John and Ruth Henderson
Donald and Kylie Hensley
Tom and Veronica Hewlett
John and Theresa Hicks
Roger and Allison Hill
Richard and Laura Holley
Ji-hyun Hong
Eric and Nicole Hoplin
Chelsea Hugel
Keith and Suzanne Hulbert
Robert and Christine Hume
Daniel and Judy Hwang
Charles and Kathryn Inman III
Pam Inman
David and Leeann Isaacson
Assem and Nermine Iskander
Sekwon and Ahrann Jang
James and Vonzet Johnson
Kim Johnson
Lowell and Sherri Johnson
Chris and Jennifer Jones
Josiah and Story Jones
Rex and Lisa Jordan
Theresa Judge
Kyu and Jennifer Jung
Brent and Katherine Kang
Brad and Julie Kim
Roger and Caroline Kim
Sun and Jina Kim
Sam and Cheryl King
Randy and Laura Kirby
Daniel and Suzanne Kitts
Christina Ko
Randy and Eleanor Kolton
Robert and Deborah Koth
Christopher and Cara Kuiper
Andrew and Laura Kuniholm
Carlos and Magda Massaro
Ron and Jenny Larsen
Andy and Jay Lauer
Gordon Lawrence
Alan and Beth Lee
John and Jean Lee
Armand and Judith LeFebure
Sean and Joy Lewett
David and Anne Link
Brad and Linda Livingstone
Edwin and Diana Lohmeyer
Jordan and Marilyn Lorence
Sandy Loynaz
Emily Lubenec
Serge and Jody Lubenec
John and Cindy MacRae
Sergei and Tatiana Marochnik
Matt and Wendy Martens

Kevin and Marcie Martin
David and Laurie Mathewson
Troy and Lydia McCamish
Steven and Laura McCollum
Mike and Charisse McElroy
Nathanael McGarry
Danae McGregor
James McKiernan and Yelitza Bolivar Ravelo
Gene and Nancy McNiff
Kyle and Colleen McNiff
Steve and Jenny Medlin
Carl and Kay Meyer
Judith Mijares
Edwin and Kimberly Miller
Frederick and Carrie Moacdieh
Brendan and Lisa Monaghan
Paul and Mei Morales
Jon and Courtney Moreland
Tyler and Lauren Morris
Bill and Michele Moss
David and Kirsten Mount
Maryam Moussa
Harry and Jeanette Nagel Jr.
Paul and Sharon Nagel
Will and Penny Nance
James Nellis
Steven and Laura Nessmiller
Jerry and Melissa Niedzialek
Mishelle Noble-Blair and Eric Bard
Garry and Jennifer Noel
Parker and Amy Normann
Edward and Cynthia Norton
Burke and Kara O'Malley
Andrew and Jackie Pachuta
Chris and Mandy Palmer
Abraham and Sunny Park
Gabrielle Park
Sean and Jenny Park
Tim Park
John and Lori Parker Jr.
Harry and Christine Paul
Bradley and Sun Hwa
Rafael Perez and Melissa Troncoso
Mike and Diana Petrusky
Paul and Debbie Petzrick
Amy Phillips
Dirk and Julie Phillips
Erin Phillips
Jenna Phillips
Russell Phillips
Tyler Phillips
Janis Pierce
Ashley Plitt
Kevin Pogoda
John Popp and Kimberly Jordan
Joe and Kristin Pushak
Robert and Kathy Raines
Jonathan and Sarah Ramirez
Lowell and Shelly Randel
Michael and Carolyn Rector
Erin Reed
Aaron and Christina Renenger
John and Cathy Richter
Brien and Khristina Risher
Matt and Neris Robbins
Gerald and Jennifer Robinson
Gary and Wendy Rogers
Nick and Ana Ron
Matthew and Kristy Rumbaugh
Domadious Rizk and Loris Sarabamoun
Juan and Neomi Sarmiento
Namcy Sauer
Fleming and Janae Saunders
Fleming and Karen Saunders V
Philip and Ginger Schmidt
Peter and Jacqueleen Schnuda
Andy and Wendy Schoka
Michael and Catherine Schwartz
Charles and Lynn Seitz
Steve and Karen Seymour
Williamson Price Seymour
Larry and Nancy Shabe
Randal and Mary Shaheen
Brian and Elizabeth Shannon
Paige Shelborne-Wilson

Han and Seung Shim
Christopher Sicks
Bethany Simpson
Eric and Grace Sinn
Kenneth and Celeste Sizemore Jr.
Ralph and Elisabeth Smeda
Adrian and Brookye Smith
Jeff and Elissa Smith
Maddie Smith
Stephen and Kelly Smith
Amy Snider
Ernest and Joan Snowden
Stuart and Stacie Sperry
David and Kelly Stephenson
Michael and Carolyn Stomback
Rich and Heather Stombres
Bryan and Michele Sullivan
Christopher and Suzanne Swadener
Bradford and Anne Sweet
John Sweet
Kenneth and Debra Sykes
Béla and Lilla Szilagyi
Amear and Reem Tadros
Jonathan and Michelle Thoburn
Quynh Nhu Tran
James and Amy Turner Jr.
Coleman and Susan Tyler
Charles and Jennifer Ubelhart
Walter and Jean Ulmer
David and Cynthia Vanderpoel
Matthew Vanderpoel
William and Debbie Vargo
Ray and Heidi Veldman
Nathan and Andrea Verwys
Mark and Bradley Vineyard
Stephen and Leslie Voth
Hall and Joanne Vought
George and Rachel Vuckovich
Jim and Deborah Walne
George and Peggy Ward
Matthew and Ashley Watson
William and Jeanne Weber
Daniel and Dana Weigand
Rodney and Angela Weisenberger
Craig and Eugenia Welburn
Jeff and Cindy Welgoss
Hugh and Leslie Whelchel
Brian and Margaret Whisler
Mark and Kristen Whitaker
Kyle and Kelly White
David and Patricia Wilder
Garland and Shenley Williams
Jeff and Jamila Williams
Thomas and Kathy Williams
Josephine Williamson
Sheryl Wilson
Ryan and Shannon Wise
Paul and Christine Wolfe
Philip and Kathryn Wolff
Jackson and Grace Wong
Matthew and Rochelle Woods
Thomas and Cassandra Woodward
Daniel and Guowei Wright
Mina Yacoub and Mona Iskander
Tristen Yancy and Brian Janysek
Paul and Irene Yaroschak
Thomas and Kimberly Yates
Joe and Nicole Yoon
Glen and Lydia Young
Robert and Cathy Zerrenner
John and Sherri Zollo III

Why I Give

We are thankful for this gift of a Christian education – the opportunity for our children to learn TRUTH in school. Grateful for Dr. Vanderpoel’s leadership.

Trinity Parent

  We give because we believe in Trinity’s Mission.

Trinity Parent

We give to continue seeing Trinity grow and spread the Word of God!

Trinity Parent

I attended Trinity for most of my life and would love to contribute to its growing capacities. Trinity is an incredible school and I want it to continue to impact students for Christ as it did for me.

TCS Alumna '14

We give because we are ever thankful for this amazing academic community.

Trinity Parent

To continue seeing Trinity grow and spread the Word of God.

Trinity Parent

Solid biblical values, exceptional teachers/leaders, and a real commitment to excellence.

Trinity Parent

I give because I believe Christian Education is irreplaceable.

Trinity Parent

TCS has been a blessing to our family and we are investing in the current and future disciples.

Trinity Parent

We believe in Christian Education and value it greatly. We are grateful for the impact Trinity has had on our son and we want for Trinity to continue its work for many years to come.

Trinity Parent