The Story So Far

Thirty years ago, Trinity Christian School was a prayer in the minds of the members of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia. The twenty-five-acre parcel of land that Trinity now occupies held a dairy farm.

Trinity's "Promised Land" has become so much more than just twenty-five acres. It is the place where young minds come to grow in the knowledge of themselves, of the world around them, and most importantly, in the image of Jesus Christ. Trinity Christian School plans to raise 12 million dollars over the next three years. However, your contribution to Trinity's Capital Campaign has an immediate effect on our community. See details about each phase of giving below.

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ENHANCEMENT: Engaging in Community
March 2017 - November 2017

Over the first several months of our Capital Campaign, we plan to enrich our existing campus to offer a broader scope of community to our current families and to those around us.

Before the 2017 fall semester ends, Trinity's athletic fields will be transformed into durable turf fields. Without mud puddles and slick areas to worry about, our Lower School P.E. classes will get to enjoy outdoor activities more often. The fields will also provide our athletic teams with a true home-field advantage!

We are also excited to purchase new activity buses. No CDL license is required to drive these buses, so both the Lower and Upper School will be able to travel off-campus for more spontaneous field trips and long-distance athletic events.

EXPANSION: Expanding Our Campus
March 2017 - June 2019

On September 7, 1987, Trinity opened with a total of 41 students in Grades 1 through 3, taught by three full-time teachers. More than 670 students and 140 faculty and staff now fill our halls every day, and we grow larger each year.

By June 2019, Trinity will acquire a 29-acre parcel of land that is situated a mile away from our current campus. While Fairfax County reviews our Special Exception Amendment, our time will be spent designing a new space for athletic fields and parking. By expanding west, we will develop a space that allows us to grow for generations to come.

ENRICHMENT: Enriching Connections on Campus

Enrichment: Shirley Gate Campus
March 2017 - June 2022

Our newly purchased 29-acre parcel of land will not remain empty for long. The Shirley Gate Campus will do more than just alleviate the issue of limited parking on our Braddock Road Campus—it will also provide brand-new, multi-use athletic fields for all of our teams to use. Our students are leaders on and off the field, and this new space will give them an opportunity to be salt and light for visiting teams and their families.

Every now and then, a team stands out for their sportsmanship. I also know that sportsmanship starts with their leadership...I went home that night and told my wife that the Trinity players stood out for the respect they showed their opponents and to the officials. After the game, many players went out of their way to thank me for my services. This is an avocation for me and meeting HS players like your team keeps me coming back. I left the game with an extremely positive impression of Trinity, the players, coach, and [Athletic Director].”
-Peter J. Boyd, lacrosse referee

Enrichment: Braddock Road Campus
March 2017 - June 2022

Our school maintains its excellence because Gryphons know each other and are known by each other. Our students engage in meaningful conversations in the hallways. Our faculty and staff pray for our student body before every school day begins. Our Grade 12 students and our Lower School classes develop special bonds that begin the day they take their first steps as seniors and will last long after they take their final steps through Trinity's halls.

By June 2022, Trinity will construct a tangible connection between Buildings One and Two. In addition to uniting our two divisions with an interior walkway, we will transform the Guest House into a multi-use area. The Guest House will become a dedicated gathering space for meetings, fellowship, and student work.